FIB Slice & View

Slice and View™ is commercially available software that automates the successive milling ("slice") of a defined volume of material from the bulk as well as imaging the milled surface ("view"). Slice and View allows the user to specify electron and ion beam settings for imaging and milling in order to optimize the procedure. The maximum sectioning depth of the magnum column in the DB235 is 8 microns into the material before manual realignment is necessary. The Nova 600 NanoLab is capable of sectioning 13-15 microns into the material before manual realignment is required. Both FIB systems also have the software RunScript which executes custom scripts that have been written to extend the sectioning depth of both FIBs to the point that time and monetary constraints are the major limitations for data collection.

The Nova 600 NanoLab comes with the newly developed EBS3 software, which was developed in collaboration with CAMM and HKL Technology (Oxford Instruments) as a strategic partner. EBS3 is an optimized extension to Slice and View technology pioneered by FEI. While Slice and View generates serial images for 3D image reconstruction, EBS3 also provides crystallographic information, including serial EBSD orientation maps for quantitative 3D grain reconstruction, using the crystal orientation of each individual voxel within the volume of interest. The automated data collection procedure includes accurate (re)positioning between the milling location and the EBSD location to accommodate the geometry requirements for both operations.