AIP Hot Isostatic Press

CAMM at The Ohio State University acquired a Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) from American Isostatic Presses, Inc. (AIP) in June of 2005 for purpose of removing structural porosity and heat treatment of various projects, primarily the LENS. LENS deposits typical leave a small percentage of porosity in the deposits. The HIP is capable of removing structural porosity by compressing Argon gas up to 30ksi and heating the furnace up to 1500 oC. Management of long or short HIP cycles is seamless with automatic cycle recipes and remote access.


Model: AIP6-30H Hot Isostatic Press
Max Pressure: 30ksi
Furnace: Molybdenum
Max Temperature: 1500oC
Max Temperature ramp: 20oC per minute
Hot Zone size: 3.25” Diameter x 5.0” tall
Environment: Argon/Vacuum