Inovati Kinetic Metallization™

Kinetic Metallization™ deposition technology allows for development of new and improved metallic coatings.  The process is a unique way of coating metallic and non-metallic substrates with a layer or a build up of metal.  KM is performed with a specially designed, two phase, friction compensated sonic deposition nozzle that accelerates and tribo-electrically charges metal particles entrained in helium gas onto a substrate.  Subsequent high-speed collision of the metal particles causes very large strain (~80% in the direction normal to impact) in the particles.  This deformation results in a huge increase in particle surface area (~400%), producing new surface that is oxide free.  When these active surfaces come into contact, pure metallurgical bonds are formed exclusively through the solid-state reaction.  Because the powder is deposited at room temperature, well below its thermal softening point, the coatings produced display fine grain size, and heat distortion of coating and substrate is avoided.  KM can be used to produce freestanding shapes of almost limitless design, achieved by allowing a buildup to develop through repeated passes of the application gun. 

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Thermal Conditioning Unit
• Nozzle Integrated
• Light-Weight, Low Thermal Inertia
• Closed-loop Temp. Control

Powder Fluidizing Unit
• Capacity: 2 Liters
• Feed Rate: 10~100 g/min
• Powder Size: 500 nm ~ 50 m
• Gas Flow Rate: 2~10 SCFM

Deposition Nozzle
• Sonic Design
• Long-Life Cemented Carbide
• Throat Diameter: 1/16”

Spray Enclosure
• ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 Compliant
• 40”(d) x 32”(w) x 70”(h)
• Exhaust Powder/Gas Outlet
• In situ viewing and sound insulation

Positioning System
• Denso VS-E W 6+1 Axis Robot, IP65
• 650 mm reach, 5kg payload
• KM Workspace: 8”x 8”x 12”
• Mini Teach Pendant
Facility Requirements
• System: 220VAC, 30A, single phase
• Robot: 220 VAC, 20A, single phase
• Gas (Helium) Supply: 300 psig, 7.5 scfm
• Conforms to NFPA 79 Elec. Standard