Magnetron Sputterer

The sputtering unit is a custom-built ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chamber. It is utilized to make both single layer and multilayer thin films. There are two three-inch magnetron guns and a cluster-flange which contains three two-inch guns with a coincidental focus. The sputtering guns are placed inside the UHV chamber in a side-sputtering configuration such that the axis of the gun is parallel to the ground. Such a configuration is desirable for reducing contamination. The substrates are mounted vertically on a rotating table with its axis aligned along the axis of the guns. The separation between the sputtering gun and the substrate is variable. The base pressure prior to sputtering is better than 5x 108 Torr and the argon pressure during sputtering is variable between 2 and 125 mTorr. High-purity argon gas (99.99% pure from cylinder) is run through a gettering furnace for 5-9’s purity.

Technical Details

  • Ultra-High Vacuum capable of reaching base pressures less than 108 Torr by way of a CTI Cryogenics On-Board cryopump.
  • K.J. Lesker Torus-5UHV sputtering cathode assembly (guns)
  • Gun power-supplies of 500W to 10kW
  • Single, multilayer, and alloy films
  • Computer controlled system for automation
  • Oil free operation using sorption and cryo pumps
  • Substrate heater for annealing sample or deposition at high temperature

Magnetron Sputterer Papers Published by CAMM