Vacuum Annealing Furnace

The TEK Specialties® vacuum furnace is a custom piece of equipment capable of heating specimens under either high vacuum or inert atmosphere. The furnace is capable of heating up to 2100 °C with a graphite heating zone, and capable of temperatures of 1650 °C, with a tungsten-molybdenum heating zone. The vacuum system accompanying the furnace is comprised of a standard piston pump, and a four inch diffusion pump, resulting in high vacuum capabilities on the order of 10-7 Torr. The temperature control system is programmable and automated, so we can set it, start it, and walk away.

CAMM uses the TEK Specialties® vacuum furnace for a variety of applications. The primary duties of this furnace include annealing and heat treating. Since the furnace is proficient at producing high temperatures, it can be used to sinter ceramics or perform heat treatments on just about any metal, including refractory alloys. The high vacuum and inert atmosphere capabilities of this furnace make it ideal for use in heat treatment of metals which are easily contaminated by atmospheric constituents.