Fischione Nanomill (1040)

NanomillTM is a newly developed state-of-the-art low energy ion mill, which is installed in late 2006. In this system, a focused low energy (50-2000V) Argon beam (10-12mm beam size) is rastered on the region of interest at relatively low angles (0-15). The milling occurs at the moderate ion milling rates (0.2-0.3nm/min for Si at 900V and 15o) with a current density of ~1mm/mm2. The main purpose of using low energy focused Argon beam is to remove any kind of surface artifact on TEM samples such as amorphous surface damage layer caused by FIB in a reasonable time period without sacrificing any thin area. In order to achieve this, a scanned argon beam at a proper milling voltage, milling angle and milling rate is applied.  Using a focused Argon beam also avoids the problems that arise due to the geometry of the specimen, so the Argon ion beam can easily reach to the surface of the specimen without any discrepancy. This approach prevents the possible cross contamination caused by the surrounding materials such as the support Cu grid. During the milling process in the NanomillTM, the focused Ar ion beam is used for ion milling and at the same time for imaging and selection of the region of interest.


Source: Focused Argon ion beam
Beam size: 10-12mm
Ion image: max 1000X
Sputtering rate: 0.3nm/min (900V Si at 30o)

Ion energy: 50 - 2000V
Incidence angle: 0o - +30o/-10o