Struers Tenupol Electropolisher (Cryo Temp)

The TenuPol-5 is an automatic, micro-processor controlled apparatus for electrolytical thinning of specimens for examination in a transmission electron microscope.  It includes a scanning function for easy determination of parameters and additional enhancement functions parameters so that new materials can be easily established.  Both 2.3 and 3mm diameter specimens are polished from both sides simultaneously to achieve a thin foil with a center hole as small as possible.  The thinning is controlled by an infrared light source, which stops the polishing as soon as the first light passes through. `


Control unit

  • Mains voltage: Single-phase, 100-120/220-240V, 50-60 Hz.
  • Power consumption: 220-240V / 1.50A
  • 110-120V / 3.15A
  • Output: 0-100V / 0-2A

Polishing unit

  • Sizes of original 12-21mm dia., max. 1mm thick
  • specimen: 3mm dia., max. 0.5mm thick
  • 2.3mm dia., max. 0.5mm thick


  • TenuPol-5 control unit, with electronic thermometer and adapter for the connection of (TENPO) TENFI
  • TenuPol polishing unit, with specimen holder for 3 mm dia. Specimens (TETRI), sets of jets (TETOR), pump, cooling coil, insulated PVC container, non-insulated PVC-container and built-in photo cell TENPO
  • Connection print for data transfer between TenuPol-5 and a PC LECPC
  • Specimen holder for 3mm dia. specimens TETRI
  • Specimen holder for 2.3mm dia. specimens TETTO
  • Specimen holder, 10mm diaphragm for pre-thinning TETMA
  • Set of jets, 1mm bore TETOR
  • Set of jets, 2.5mm bore for use with (TETMA) TETET
  • Tape Kit for electrolytic “punching” TENKI