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Calvin Mikler


Calvin Mikler is a Graduate Research Associate in the Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials at The Ohio State University. He obtained his MS in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of North Texas in 2017 where he focused on LENS™ additive manufacturing of Fe-Ni based magnetic materials, biomedical titanium alloys, and complex concentrated alloys. 

Calvin is currently a PhD student and collaborates with the Air Force Research Laboratory (WPAFB in Dayton, OH) on his research involving powder metallurgy processing and development of niobum-based refractory alloys. These alloys are commonly used in high temperature applications such as leading edges of hypersonics, rocket nozzles, and heat pipes. Processing methods of interest include direct powder consolidation via hot isostatic pressing, binder jet additive manufacturing, and LENS™ additive manufacturing. Current efforts focus on two alloy systems: the commonly used C-103 (Nb-10Hf-1Ti wt%), which was featured on the 1960’s Apollo missions, and the WC-3009 (Nb-30Hf-9W wt%) alloy systems. 

Calvin was the recipient of the NSF EAPSI fellowship to Singapore in 2016 where he spent two months at Nanyang Technological University conducting research on additive manufacturing of magnetic alloys. Calvin is also a 2017 DoD SMART Scholar and has signed on for a position at AFRL after graduation. 

EBSD IPF maps of single crystal and polycrystalline C-103 powder particles

EBSD IPF maps of C-103 post HIP processing with prior polycrystalline powder particles circled