DMREF: Accelerated Development of Next Generation of Ti Alloys

Welcome to the official webpage for the DMREF: Accelerated Development of Next Generation of Ti Alloys program


This DMREF program builds on our discovery of nonconventional transformation pathways of solid state precipitation (DMR1309270) to design new titanium (Ti) alloys with ultrafine α+β microstructures. The scope is to accelerate the realization and utilization of the new transformation pathways of α precipitation in the development of next generation Ti alloys, by integrating multiscale computational modeling and simulation with critical experimental characterization involving combinatorial approaches based on rapid prototyping. For the first time, alloy development will be led by computational modeling, mechanistically informed and validated by critical experiments involving novel combinatorial methods for materials processing and state of the art characterization techniques. Ultrafine and uniform α+β microstructures with little or no micro texture are expected from the new transformation pathways and substantially improved properties, e.g., an excellent combination of strength and ductility and high temperature microstructural stability are anticipated. The outcomes will lead to a microstructure simulator, a property simulator, and an alloy design simulator for titanium alloys. An additional exciting aspect of this program is that the development and application of this new methodology is expected to result in new science in alloy design.








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